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Mariam Olivera Beautiful In the Latest Photos

Mariam Olv, a social media influencer and Instagram model, skyrocketed to fame by sharing captivating f ashion and swimwear photos on her mariam_olv account. Her presence on the platform has attracted an impressive following of over 3.6 million devoted fans.


Mariam embarked on her journey of regular photo sharing in May 2019, and one of her initial photos playfully featured the caption: “everyone said I could be anything…so I became sexy!”

In February 2021, Mariam became a notable advocate for Boutine Los Angeles bikinis, solidifying her position in the fashion scene. She is also recognized as a partner of the renowned fashion brand, Fashion Nova, a clear testament to her influence in the fashion world.

Born in Cuba, Mariam Olv shares a close bond with her sister, Ameli Olivera, maintaining strong familial ties.

In the fashion realm, Mariam is associated with fellow Fashion Nova partner, Sara Jean Underwood, both leaving a lasting impact as influential figures in the industry.


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